Division Wide High School

Scholarships and Awards

Bob Auser Memorial Award



10 recipients


Bob Auser was a teacher with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools from 1984 to 1999. Bob coordinated the Alternate Education Program at E. D. Feehan High School at the time of his passing. The Bob Auser Memorial Award is presented each year to students, with special needs, who have completed the Functional Integrated Program in Greater Saskatoon Catholic High Schools (Bethlehem, Bishop James Mahoney, Holy Cross, E. D. Feehan, and St. Joseph’s). Students receive an award in the form of a gift certificate which can be applied to the purchase of an item to help them make the transition to a job or other training.

Collision Plus Trade Scholarship



1 recipient


Dale Huber’s concern about the shortage of young people entering the trades has prompted him to partner with the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Foundation Inc. This scholarship is awarded to a graduate from Greater Saskatoon Catholic high schools. The recipient of this $500 award must be actively pursuing a career as an Auto Body Technician. Application is made through submission of a Resume and a letter outlining career goals.

Candidates will be interviewed by a selection committee.

Iris and Zach Hauser Art Award



1 recipient


To recognize the artistic talents and contributions of a graduating student whose art portfolio
shows considerable artistic talent and merit.

Selection Criteria:
The recipient is a student graduating from one of the GSCS high schools who has demonstrated
talent and dedication in the field of arts. This student’s art portfolio and resume demonstrates a strong
commitment to developing an artistic practice. The recipient must be planning to pursue studies in art-
related fields.

Selection Committee:
The scholarship committee from each GSCS high school in conjunction with the art teacher will
view student portfolios of artwork and rank the top 2 or 3 art portfolios from their individual schools during
the months of April or May. The top two or three students with the highest score from each school will
then send their portfolio to be reviewed by an unbiased art teacher or retired art teacher and the artists,
Iris and Zach Hauser. The artists and art teacher will rank the portfolios and the top student’s art portfolio
will be the award winner.

The award is intended for a Gr. 12 student who will be a full-time student attending an art
program in a recognized post-secondary learning institution. The award may be held over for one year
upon written notice to the Foundation Director.
Notice of Scholarship:
A written notice of scholarship along with claiming instructions will be forwarded to the recipient
by authorized school personnel prior to the end of the school year.

Claiming procedure:
In September the recipient is to present to:

Executive Administrator

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Foundation

420 22 nd Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7K1X3

evidence confirming attendance at a post-secondary institution. (i.e., notification from the Registrar’s
Office, copy of Confirmation of Enrolment) Full payment will follow.

Kiwanis Club Riversdale Scholarship



1 recipient


The Kiwanis Club of Riversdale Scholarship is presented to a graduate who is pursuing post-secondary studies in the arts, sciences, music, or professions. Candidates should have acceptable marks, be of good character, have participated in student activities, and have shown some involvement in the community. Consideration is given also to financial need. The recipient of this scholarship is a graduate of one of the Greater Saskatoon Catholic high schools in rotational order.

The recipient is selected by the Student Services Department of the school.

Father Ron Beechinor Memorial Scholarship



1 recipient


The Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Principals’ Association has established a legacy fund in recognition of the leadership provided by the principals in our school system who are deceased.  Each year a deserving high school student will be chosen to receive a scholarship.  The award, based on leadership and financial need, will rotate alphabetically amongst the high schools in the division – Bethlehem, Bishop James Mahoney, Bishop Murray, E. D. Feehan, Holy Cross, Oskayak and St. Joseph.  There being no suitable recipient from the high school in their year, rotation will pass onto the next school. The recipient will meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a full time student for the entire year
  2. Have met the requirements for graduation
  3. Have demonstrated actual and potential leadership
  4. Obtain a Letter of Recommendation from a teacher who can testify to demonstration of leadership at school. Preferably from a Grade 11 or 12 teacher with whom the applicant has been a student
  5. Applicant will write a 500 word summary of development as a ‘leader’ while attending school. Applicant will include the signatures of two adults who can verify involvement in activities
  6. Have attained the requirements for the post-secondary program of their choice
  7. Attach proof of acceptance to such program in the same year as the scholarship is awarded.  If special circumstances prevail, obtain note from counsellor
  8. Have proven financial need.  Applicant will write in 250 words or less a statement of  financial need

Submit above documents to Student Services by June 16 of current year

Kim Sawchuk Memorial Scholarship



1 recipient


In 2015 friends, family and colleagues commissioned the Saskatoon Catholic School Foundation to establish a memorial scholarship in remembrance of Kim Sawchuk. Kim was a teacher in the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School division who passed away during her tenure at Bishop Klein School. This scholarship is awarded to a grade 12 student attending a Catholic high school who will be attending post-secondary education or training.  This student must also be an alumnus of Bishop Klein School.

Student selection will be based on:

  1. Attendance during their tenure at both Bishop Klein and their current high school.
  2. An academic success level commensurate with one’s abilities.
  3. Involvement in school programs i.e. athletics, choir, patrols, drama, SRG/SRC, etc.
  4. Demonstrated leadership in living up to school expectation as outlined in the school’s belief statements.
  5. Demonstrated a positive school spirit.
  6. Financial need may be a consideration.

Student must apply for scholarship.

The scholarship is intended for former Bishop Klein students who are currently in grade 12 in a Catholic high school and will be attending a post-secondary institution.

Students are to prepare a written statement which attests to how they perceive themselves regarding the above criteria. This submission is to be presented to the principal by June 1st of the current academic year.