School wide retreats are facilitated by Pure Witness Ministries, Face to Face Ministries, Feel the Pulse Ministries, Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal Center, Shekinah Retreat Centre, St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission, or by leaders within the community of faith. Although the theme and facilitators of the retreat varies, the intention is to offer students energized faith experiences to help build their personal relationship with God. The leadership teams provide inspiration, example and spiritual strength to students. Students are encouraged to make a personal decision to follow Christ and have that make a difference in their lives. The students may participate in activities such as discussion, prayer, games, crafts, dance, drama, art , and music to help facilitate growth in faith. Some schools combine a school retreat with a family night held within the parish to help make a faith connection with the home as well.

The Foundation is able, through the proceeds of the School’s Win Twice Raffle, to provide financial assistance to schools to help defray the costs incurred at these retreat experiences.