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oundation Board Chair Laurie Karwacki.

Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

We need your help to ensure Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools continue to be strong and vibrant faith and learning communities.

Your support of our Come to the Table Annual Campaign will ensure that we remain faithful to our mission by guiding students in their faith journey, inspiring students to be compassionate and serve others, and encouraging them to strive to be excellent in all that they do!

When one enters one of our Catholic schools, there is an intangible feeling of faith, of hope, of love and a place where we feel God’s presence. This gift of Catholic education is a gift that must be preserved, protected and strengthened.

Annual Giving Matters…

The provincial K-12 school funding-distribution model does not recognize the unique mission, nor the full cost, of a Greater Saskatoon Catholic school education. In order to remain faithful to the division’s mission and vision, and to provide a faith-based learning environment the school division incurs expenses, both operational and capital, that are not supported by this funding model. The school division has compensated for this funding shortfall by diverting money from other areas of need including teaching and learning resources.

In order to meet the financial needs of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, the Foundation needs support for its Come To The Table Annual Campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to raise 2 million dollars annually. These funds would be fully utilized to enhance the teaching and learning environment in our schools.

Each gift to the campaign has the power to inspire others to give. Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference. Make an annual donation that is meaningful yet within your means. Smaller gifts combined with others can make a big impact. Please support by making your gift Today.